As a child, I heard tell from my parents of how they’d spend their hard-earned money on some extravagant toy only to find that most of my fun and enjoyment was provided to me by the box the toy came in. I would often roll my eyes at these stories feeling as though they were full of exaggerations… that is, until I had children of my own.

One night I watched my 10 month old son stumble across one of my tampons. I contemplated for only a second the possible dangers that this tampon could provide. Finding none, I allowed my son to have his fun. He squeezed, shook, sucked-on, chewed up, and rolled that tampon for at least 45 minutes. This was longer than I had ever seen him play with any of his many over-priced toys in the living room.


My Honey Bunny with his new “toy”.

I was horrified and yet tickled at this. It was so funny to me how this child could find so much amusement in something so random. Exploring his world, he showed me that flashing lights and annoying songs weren’t always necessary. If we could only all just remain that innocent and oblivious, what an interesting world this would be.

The next day as I finished a bag of sinful, cheesy, Cheeto goodness, I placed the empty bag on the coffee table and it accidentally fell to the floor. My daughter (my son’s twin) grabbed it eagerly and proceeded to have a playful experience similar to the one her brother had had the night before – Pure delight.

Tampons? Cheeto bags? Were my kids weird? No, they were simply being kids exploring their new world, and everything that it had to offer. My twins – at 10 months old – had finally mastered the art of grabbing objects with the pincers of one hand and exploring it with the other. They were growing! They were developing! The were exploring! No matter the object, they wanted to know what it was all about.

So before you corner the market on those expensive toys, my suggestion would be to use a little imagination and you may just find your child’s favorite play thing underneath your bathroom sink. 😉



Before you go – 10 month old baby milestones extend far beyond finding “interesting” things to play with. Here are a few things your baby should be mastering by 10 months old:

  • Should be adept at picking up small objects with their pincer grasp.
  • Should be saying “mama” and “dadda” and know full well what they mean. Awww.
  • Should be able to stand while holding on to someone or something.
  • He or she should be able to play simple hand games and be able to wave bye-bye.


*Remember, each baby is different and meets milestones at their own pace. If they’re not grabbing whatever they can and exploring it now. Don’t worry. They will soon, and you’ll wish for the days when they hadn’t. 😉


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