We all go down the road of bad, thinking it’s great. Most of the time we get to a point where we feel that enough is enough. I definitely did. It seems MTV’s Teen Mom Jenelle Evans can’t seem to get the picture. Already on probation for beating the crap out of someone last year, Jenelle was recently arrested for making harassing phone calls and threatening an unidentified person.
I’ve had interactions with Jenelle years back. She happens to be from my home town of Wilmington, NC. Jenelle hits home for me the most because I’ve been in positions similar to hers before. The only difference is that I finally got the big picture. You live and you learn. One of the main points of living is learning, but Jenelle just doesn’t seem to be getting it.
For her naive behavior and inability to change her ways for the positive, she will have to be named our Non-Celebrity Role Model of the Week.


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Pic taken by yours truly. CarpePhotography.com yo!

This one is either expected or unexpected (depending on whom you ask ;)) but definitely past due. A lot of people think of the word hustler and think negative things. When I think of the word hustler I think, “go getter”, “non-stopper”, “fighter”… my sister. She has to be where I get my drive from. If there is something she longs for, or something she wants, she figures out how to get it. That is what Kesha Chisholm has taught me. My parents may have tried to instill that in me, but when you’re younger, you tend not to look up to your parents. I looked up to my sister.

This really should have been the first post of the We Got Kidz Celeb News segment but I feel that now is a better time than ever. From Mommy, Mommy Blogger, Graphic artist, friend, sister, daughter AND soon to be wife… she does it all; and I admire her for every aspect of what she does and who she is… good and the bad. That’s why for this week, I have to name Kesha Chisholm – the person I’ve looked up to ever since I can remember – the Celebrity (or up-and-coming celebrity 😉 ), Role Model of the Week. I love you big sis.

*I swear I didn’t put her up to this… but thanks baby Sis *blushing


Tune in next week for the skinny on celebs you love… and love to hate.


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