The six weeks are finally up, and the doctor has given you the thumbs up to do the dirty with your husband once again. Unfortunately Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. This new world is full of baby vomit, sore boobs, and pootchy bellies.

Gone are the impromptu love romps on top of the washing machine. Outside of the obvious change (Hello! There’s a little person living with you now), there are a few other not-so-obvious realities regarding sex after baby. For instance:

1.) Having Sex In Front of Your Newborn(s) May All of a Sudden Become Acceptable

Diaper change… check. Night-night bottle… double check. Nice little pallet on the floor because your newborn baby doesn’t want to be more than 5 feet away from you… triple check.

Now what?

You have to get some love making in somewhere right? You’ve just made a tiny person – two in my case. Your boobs are swollen and rival Pamela Anderson’s. Your hair is probably still thick and shiny from the hoards of prenatal vitamins, and best of all – if you’re not breastfeeding, you can have a margarita before bed time. So what your newborn son is in the room? His hearing hasn’t fully developed anyway.

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2.) Sex May Well Rank Behind “Buying Some Better Nipple Pads” on Your To-Do List

Let’s state the obvious: your life has changed forever. There are bottles to sanitize, tons of “I ♥ Mommy” bibs to wash, and to put it bluntly… your nether region feels like it’s been in a fight with a mountain lion. Sex is so not on your radar. If you do find the time, (and I commend you if you can) a shot of whiskey and a quick nap may be more like what’s in order.

3.) Dad’s Are Sexy!

It may not have occurred to you pre-baby, but once you see your tiny bundle resting securely in the arms of your mate, or better yet, seeing him changing your baby’s toxic diaper, he will appear stronger, and more manly than you’ve ever seen him before. You’ll be hotter for him than you’ve ever been too. 😉

Who knew sex after having a baby would be so complicated?

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The New Mom’s Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Body, Your Health, Your Sanity and Your Sex Life After Having a Baby


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