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The Costume Institute Gala took place this past Monday, and the celebrities did not disappoint when it came to the fancy frocks and shiny baubles.

The Costume Institute Gala (or Costume Institute Ball), for those who aren’t aware, is known as the Met Ball and nicknamed the “Oscars of the East Coast”. It happens every year and is thrown to celebrate the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum’s, AKA The Met, fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. The red carpet evening gives many celebs the opportunity to come out dressed to impress. It’s been described as the fashion industry’s “Night of Nights”, and is regarded as the top annual social event in New York City.

Every year there’s a different theme, this year’s theme I’m not even going to share. Just know that it was full of designer names that the average person doesn’t know and a metaphor that’s too deep for it’s own good.

So as you can see, this ball is the shizz-nit, and celebrities take it as their opportunity to go wild. The fashion is exquisite, and if you’re even the slightest bit artsy, you’ll enjoy the fashions just like I do. Flip through and check out the best and the worst outfits from this year’s gala.

  • Best

    Paula Patton

    The details on Paula Patton's Vera Wang gown are gorgeous, and she sets it off beautifully with minimal jewelry.

  • Best


    This, in my opinion, is just plain hot. If I had her body and the money I'd show my goodies off too.

  • Best


    This Tom Ford number - made to look like crocodile skin - is actually made from individual pieces of leather. Hot!

  • Best

    Sofia Vergara

    This dramatic number worn by Ms. Vergara is perfect for the occasion. The details are delicate and beautiful.

  • Best

    Solange Knowles

    Solange has come into her own in the fashion world. Here, she drives the point home in this gorgeous yellow number that complements her skin tone perfectly.

  • Best

    Tom Ford and Model Chanel Iman

    This is what the costume gala is all about. These two represent style and grace. Chanel's Tom Ford dress is the right amount of drama for such an occasion, and Tom Ford looks amazing as always.

  • Worst

    Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

    The pants on Alicia's suit are crazy. Are those peddle pushers? Maybe I'm out of touch.

  • Worst

    Janelle Monae

    This, what I believe to be satin, romper is pretty but I'm not sure it's right for the occasion.

  • Worst

    Lala and Husband Carmelo Anthony

    La La looks stunning in this custom made Zac Posen, but it's plain. This is a "costume" gala girl! Where is your sparkle?...and what's up with Carmelo's slippers?

  • Worst

    Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs is known for his cutting edge fashion designs, but I'm not really sure what to say about his choice of attire for the evening.

  • Worst

    Sara Jessica Parker

    Although to some degree I believe that Sara Jessica Parker can wear anything she wants, this Valentino number is a bit too "grandma's curtains" for me.


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