Okay so I must be a nice person or something because my awesome friends threw me the bridal shower of the century over the weekend. I felt so much love. So ladies, if you’re in need of some bridal shower ideas, take note.

Friday I was so anxious. Leading up to the event, I was told nothing of what would take place – No times, locations… zilch. The host (and ultimate secret keeper) was Kionna – My soon-to-be husband’s best friend’s wife. (Did you catch that?) I think that many women have reservations about being chummy with their husband’s friend’s wives, but Kionna and I got along famously right from the beginning, and I truly believe that I’ve found a life long friend… but enough sentimental junk – back to this awesome weekend.

Friday night, the eve of my bridal shower, I went to bed giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve. I was told to pack multiple “fierce” outfits because I was going to be doing some serious wardrobe changes in true diva style. I was whisked away around 9:30 Saturday morning and driven to an adorable little spa on the North side of Atlanta. There I was treated to my very first facial and full body massage. I had had massages before – You know; those lame attempts at rub downs that ex-man friends make? – This massage didn’t compare. It was heaven, and something that I highly recommend.

After having my marriage proposal to the masseuse rejected, I walked out to find one of my best friends in from out of town waiting there to take me to my next destination. We drove to a hotel in down town Atlanta where I found all of my best girl friends busy decorating a gorgeous suite for the main event. Decorations came complete with paper lanterns hung over thee loft to pretty vases filled with my wedding flower in my chosen wedding colors. It was perfect. I changed into my trendy bridal shower outfit and was ready for things to begin.

Guests began to arrive which included old coworkers, past club hopping buddies, and my sweet church going future mother-in-law. We were all a little nervous that we’d have to tone things down a bit to make my future in-law feel comfortable, but she surprised us all. After biting my lecherous tongue for the third time, my future mother-in-law kindly told me to stop tiptoeing around her. “How do you think your soon to be husband got here?” she asked, “I wasn’t always saved and sanctified.” We all had a good laugh off of that one and began to relax. I opened my gifts of lingerie (I got a nice pink teddy from the mom-in-law); we played some cute games and ultimately had a blast.

I did my second wardrobe change and we were off to dinner at Nakato Japanese Restaurant where we enjoyed Hibachi style dining and tons of laughs. It was then back to the hotel suite for my third and final wardrobe change – a hot red number that was given to me at the shower by my best friends who know my style. We headed out and danced the night away at a down town dance club.

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard about or witnessed a more fantastic bridal shower. Thank you to Kionna, Mel, and Angela for putting it all together and to all of my homies who attended. YA GIRL’S GETTING MARRIED!!!! I couldn’t have planned a better way to commemorate the occasion.



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  2. April 16, 2012 at 8:57 am — Reply

    Oh my goodness…how much fun!!! Your friends and MIL sound amazing!!

    • April 16, 2012 at 9:10 am — Reply

      It was a blast girl. I have some pretty cool people in my life *tear. lol.
      Thank you for comenting! 😉

  3. Kionna Gilchrist
    February 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm — Reply

    I had an awesome time with all the girls! You looked amazing and you deserved EVERY drop of love you received! Glad you enjoyed it!

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