Toddlers are so funny. I spend most of the day with my twin tots trying to figure out why they do some of the things they do, and most importantly why they identify certain objects the way that they do. For instance, my children will see a piece of paper towel or an unsupervised pile of papers and think that it’s instant confetti, painstakingly ripping their findings into the most microscopic of pieces. Empty boxes turn into moving vehicles (that they oh so adorably push each other around in), and my good mixing bowls turn into battle helmets. I love their curiosity and imagination… but dang! I can’t look at my home the same. I have to see it through their eyes in order to save my good home decor (and their little bodies) from inevitable trouble.

In order to help my fellow parents with active toddlers (and to amuse those who simply want a good giggle), I’ve designed an infographic covering some of the major differences between adult and toddler perceptions.
Enjoy!… and feel free to share ;).


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