And the saga continues… According to sources, Cissy Houston has been collaborating in efforts to start a Houston family reality show.

*blank face

Given how tragic Whitney Houston’s death was, and how recently it occurred, I don’t think that this would be such a good idea. Cissy believes that a reality show would bring the family closer together, but we all know that it would inevitably make the family’s situation worse. Would people watch it? I’m sure. But I can bet it would be even more of a train wreck than Whitney and Bobby’s attempt at reality TV back in 2005.

The alleged reality series would revolve around supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she navigates the world alone.
According to

Lifetime network has confirmed the alleged rumors, announcing that a Whitney Houston family reality show is on its way. The premiere is set to air later this year, with Bobbie Kristina, the singer’s daughter, Cissy, the mom, Pat, sister in law and manager, Rayah, Pat’s daughter, and Gary, diva’s brother, to participate. For the moment, the network has ordered 10 episodes.

Rob Sharenow is the executive vice president of programming with Lifetime Networks. He explained that in “The Houston Family Chronicles”, “the multi-generations of the Houston family will bravely reveal their lives as they bond together to heal, love and grow”.

To add insult to all of this craziness, Bobby Brown is apparently a little upset with daughter Bobbi Kristina because he wanted his daughter on his upcoming reality show. According to sources, that was never going to happen. Bobbi has allegedly cut off all ties with good ‘ol dad because she feels that he’s trying to use her….
Well duh.

All of the Houston clan need to go sit down somewhere. Some meditation, self-reflection, and down time are definitely in order here. No reality shows, no singing, no movies, zip.

For your lack of priorities and unhealthy self-delusions, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and Bobbi Kristina, we crown you all our Celebrity NON Role Models of the Week.

Just stop it before the family ends up with another casualty.


✩ ✩ ✩

My role model for this week isn’t an actual celebrity, but for her achievements, she is one in her own right.

I have my own personal opinions about the disorder classified as ADHD. I think that in some instances medication is unduly prescribed when all that was really needed was a little extra effort made to hold teachers and said student accountable for their actions.

ADHD has become a scapegoat and an easy way to pigeonhole children and make excuses for undesirable behavior… but let me dismount from my soapbox. I’m sure ADHD medications have helped millions, but I don’t believe it’s for everybody. High school student Michelle Davis and her mother agree.

Michelle was one of those children who’s hyperactivity and inability to focus made her an immediate candidate for an ADHD diagnosis and was prescribed medicine to alleviate the disorder. Her and her mother weren’t having it. Watch the video below to hear about the inspiring story.

Michelle, for being such an inspiration and not allowing medication to be your answer, we proudly crown you our Celebrity Role Model of the Week.

Tune in next week to get the skinny on more celebrities you love… and love to hate.


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