A first pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride of intense emotions, physical highs and lows, and great excitement. As experiences go, carrying a child for nine long months can seem like an eternity, but ultimately it feels like the most precious feeling in the world.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

After the relative calm of pregnancy, once baby arrives everything becomes a bit of a blur. Lack of sleep
and the general exhaustion that labor leaves behind can result in moms feeling like they have been hit by a freight train. It is important at this time to have the help and support of trusted people around to assist with the practical things while mom concentrates solely on the baby and herself.

A Relaxed Mom Means a Relaxed Baby

When baby arrives it seems that all routine has been thrown out of the window. The sooner feeding and sleeping routines are established, the sooner things will settle down resulting in both baby and mom feeling happier and more relaxed.

This is an intense time when everything is felt keenly, both pain and pleasure. Growing familiar with a new baby is all part of the great motherhood journey and an experience to be cherished. You’ll learn what makes your child happy or sad, what makes them sleep, how they react to being hungry, and how they are when they are restless. All of these questions, and many more, are answered in those precious weeks following birth when the bond between mother and baby is formed.

Keep Up to Date With Baby News

With a new baby comes responsibility. Parenthood means keeping abreast of the latest thinking regarding
the raising of children, children’s health and welfare, education, and a whole host of things that were never a concern to you in your previous incarnation as a child-free, footloose women. A new baby is so vulnerable and so dependent on its parents. It is no surprise that worry and concern often rise to the surface.

What if my baby gets ill? Could my baby inherit a medical condition? What can I do to help protect my baby against serious illness in the future?

Questions such as these cause great anxiety for parents, so it is reassuring to know that there are steps that can be taken to help protect the health of our children in the future. Apart from the usual inoculations against common illnesses, advanced new medical developments such as stem cell treatment can assist in protecting children and close relatives from life threatening conditions in the future.

To benefit from this new treatment, it is important to be pro-active and think ahead. Cord blood (the source of stem cells) is collected from the umbilical cord at the time of baby’s birth. Expectant parents should read more around the subject, informing themselves about the valuable health benefits stem cell treatment can give.

With sufficient foresight, arranging cord blood banking can be a way of protecting babies from serious health conditions such as leukemia, metabolic and blood disorders, cancers, and genetic and autoimmune conditions. Add to that the fact that stem cell treatment is advancing all the time – Who knows what new cures and discoveries will be established in years to come.


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