by Rox Fontaine

Last week a friend of ours had some of her friends visiting from Japan. She and my wife coordinated a dinner outing and I agreed to tag along. It actually worked out perfectly because I was buying a new camera from a guy who had listed it on Craigslist. Since we were having dinner at a restaurant in Grand Central Station, I would be able to meet him there to make the exchange. Perfectly convenient for both of us.

We arrived at the restaurant and everything is totally “normal.” There were 8 of us in total. My wife, son and I, our friend and her daughter, and the two visiting from Japan. One was in her late 30’s and the other was just a teenager – a high school student. The young girl was into photography so we both ogled over the camera I had just bought. We considered going out to shoot together as she had a DSLR with her but my work schedule didn’t allow for it.

We ordered a ton of food and a couple of bottles of wine. The little ones were bored stiff, so I had them sit next to me and we chatted and played games while the ladies did their thing. The poor high school girl was kind of stuck in the middle. She chimed in from time to time but overall she was not interested in the conversation happening in Japanese. She wasn’t proficient enough in English or interested enough in what the kids were doing.

As we offed a few appetizers the ladies shared a bottle of red wine. I passed on the wine and chose a large beer instead. Entrees came and the ladies kept drinking. As the alcohol set in, things started to get weird and uncomfortable. Mostly for me, and the rest of this story tells why.

So, my son is adorable. Not because he’s my son, but because he is REALLY handsome. I’m not a fan of posting his pictures on the web but I put one here for your reference. Am I lying or exaggerating? Didn’t think so. As I said – adorable.

Now of course, the two ladies mentioned earlier that he was a really cute boy. Everyone we meet comments. Nothing wrong with that. After a bit too much alcohol, the older woman began to comment again how really handsome he is. Still nothing wrong. Then she mentioned it a few more times. Then she began to fawn over him. His name became “Hansamu” (Japanese pronunciation of handsome.) and she was calling him every 10 seconds.

I was really annoyed at this point and really wanted to tell this lady to dial it down. Everyone at the table was uncomfortable and my wife laughed it off while I started throwing stone faces around like I was laying tombstones. The poor high school girl was embarrassed and we looked at each other with the, “I’m with you.” faces.

It got more weird.

She called him to sit next to her. I asked if he was okay and he said yes. He went and she gave him a hug. She continued to opine that he was “Soooooo, cute!” My son was laughing and blushing but he wasn’t as uncomfortable or annoyed as I was. I threw a little hint that it was too much but the wine was in full control. It went right over her head. The girl my son’s age was entirely ticked off and she was very clear that she was embarrassed.

The check came, we paid and left. Outside of the restaurant, we stopped to take a few photos to remember our first meeting. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to remember. I offered to take the photos so I wouldn’t have to be in them. Of course, the woman started in again. My son HAD to be next to her for the pictures. After 3 or 4 pictures we parted ways and closed the night.

I turned to my wife and in my most calm and non-scene creating voice said, “That was entirely inappropriate! Out of respect for you I didn’t say more but do know that I am NOT happy.”

Tell me, WGK readers. How much is too much when it comes to compliments of your children? This woman didn’t do anything overtly sexual but I would never leave her alone with my child. Also, with daughters it is very clear cut when someone is being far too inappropriate. Those of you with sons, have you ever had a woman make you uncomfortable with her interaction with your son?


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