I’ve been a fan of the unique gift site UncommonGoods.com for years. Not just a watch-from-a-distance-and-wave-on-occasion fan. I’m a shout-from-the-rooftops-I-love-those-guys sort of fan. I’ve mentioned them and a few of their unique and brilliantly quirky gifts quite a few times here on We Got Kidz.

What makes Uncommon Goods so awesome? Well, they’re a privately owned retailer who makes it their business to support artists and designers in the community. Because of this fact, at least half of the items that they sell are handmade; and these aren’t just rinky-dink novelty items that will break in a week. These are quality gifts that are created in accord with the environment without any harm to people or animals. It’s a brilliant brand concept that I’m sure you can appreciate.

Having seen and heard about my undying devotion to their brand, Uncommon Goods recently contacted me to see if I’d like to review one of their children’s gifts. Psh! Heck yeah! I couldn’t reply fast enough.

I headed to their site, eager to pick out something super-cool for the kiddies. As if they weren’t already awesome enough, I found their site to be super easy to navigate with the kids gifts categorized by age groups and product types. There was even a section with gifts priced under $50. (You can check out some of that awesomeness here.)


There were so many cool things to look at that I was having trouble choosing an item. There were traditional items like quirky board books and building blocks to the truly unique items like a make your own kaleidoscope set and a construction plate and utensils that came complete with a “fork” lift and front loader spoon. This was neat! How could I choose just one?

I attempted to let my twin tots decide, but they went absolutely crazy, clicking around the page like maniacs. I took over again and got sidetracked perusing the stocking stuffers. There was a flavor infuser water bottle that I absolutely needed in my life. I had to tell my husband about that one. (Have a looksee at some of their stocking stuffers here.)

It was time for me to focus and make a decision. My children had recently developed a fascination with magnets. I’d made them a magnet travel tray for a recent road trip and they absolutely loved it. I saw a magnetic animal tray on Uncommon Goods’ website that would be perfect. The 38 colorful pieces looked sturdy – made from renewal bamboo. I was sure that this would keep my kids occupied creating animals for hours.


One week later, my kid’s new toy had arrived. We busted open the box together and found our magnetic board packaged in 70% recycled cardboard. (Gotta love it.)

It was a beautiful day, so I decided that outside would be the perfect place for us to play with our magnetic animal tray. The kids had an absolute blast creating towers, bugs, shapes and, of course, animals with their new toy.

I found the pieces to be quite sturdy; which is important when you have two destructive inquisitive little ones. We played outside for hours. I definitely made the right decision with this one.


If you’re shopping online for your Christmas gifts this year, be sure to head over to Uncommon Goods and check out their awesome selection of unique quality gifts.

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  1. December 2, 2013 at 2:21 pm — Reply

    I stopped by from the link on December Bloggy Moms to check out your site. Just FYI – some of the links with your UnCommon Goods posts aren't working.

    It looks like you've got some fun ideas to share. I look forward to reading more.

    • December 2, 2013 at 2:55 pm — Reply

      Gah! Thank you for letting me know. And I truly appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

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