Oh the plight of the wife of a video game fanatic. I do not envy thee. I myself have never had to deal with the issue of video game play in regards to the husband, but I’ve dated my fair share of fanatics, and I can honestly say that I’ve come pretty darn close to drop-kicking a few consoles.

One of the biggest video games to date is “World of Warcraft”, and although I’m not personally familiar, I’ve heard it defined as “crack, in CD-ROM form”, and the “most highly addictive game ever played”. I feel for the women whose husbands have been sucked into the forever nerdy vortex that is “W.O.W.”.

FarkTV.com has produced a Saturday Night Live worthy parody depicting how “WOW”-addicted husbands unite in an attempt to satisfy their Level 70 wives.

Just watch…


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