Okay so this is the first that I’ve heard about this. Conspiracy theorist gone wild. Watch the video below to see Beyonce’s baby gut allegedly ‘deflate’ as she sits down. WTF? First of all, why would she fake a pregnancy? As adamant as she was about not getting pregnant before “her time”, why would she go through all of the trouble to fool her fans with a fake belly? Come on people, get real. Leave that woman alone. Her dress did something funky – That’s it. Conspiracy theorists, go theorize on something more important… Like how Robin Givens never seems to age. Alien maybe?

… And why do we care about Beyonce? Because if you’re like me, you’re obsessed with anything juicy, smutty, and celebrity related. Admit it.

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  1. […] a previous post, I defended ‘B’ pleading with the media to “leave that girl alone” and let her enjoy her pregnancy in peace… […]

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