This video has gone the most “viral” out of all of the cute little family videos I’ve ever posted. I posted this on Youtube on Sunday and it already has close to 100 hits. That’s HUGE for us. We’re famous. lol!

Let me just say for the record that I had no clue who this rapper ASAP Rocky was. The fiance seems to think that he’s still 17 and occasionally watches music videos on the weekends. This song came on and the kids went wild – Their tiny booties rocking to the beat. It was awesome.


Their love affair with music started early. When I was pregnant with them, I worked all the way up until my due date. (I know, I’m super woman.) My job was 45 minutes away from my home, so during the long commute I of course had plenty of time to listen to music.
As I’m writing this piece they’ve switched the TV to radio mode and are dancing around. Gotta love it.


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