Filling in for Nicole this week, it’s yours truly getting you the skinny on the good, the bad, and the ugly in today’s celebrity news. Once again, we’ll give you the low down on who we think your kids should be looking up to and who they should throw some shade.

Let’s dig in.

It pains me to relegate this proclaimed “American Sweetheart” to our Non-Role Model list – so I’ll simply put her on Role Model probation. Beyonce Knowles has truly got me vexed.

Mrs. Knowles-Carter has always been very passionate about maintaining her privacy. For months, she had us in circles over her love affair and subsequent nuptials to her long time love Jay-Z, and now she’s gone plumb fool giving her fans the runaround about her current gestational status.

In a previous post, I defended ‘B’ pleading with the media to “leave that girl alone” and let her enjoy her pregnancy in peace… But now I’m beginning to wonder myself about her ever changing baby bump. Tabloids have shown unequivocal proof that her belly has done some incredible “morphing” – Going from washboard flat to the appearance of six months pregnant in one months time. Now her official due date is coming into question. One tabloid is even insisting that Beyonce is currently in labor and has been for four days now.
I thought that she wasn’t due until March.
It’s one thing to want your privacy, but it’s another to play your devotees for dummies. You are in the public eye Ms. Knowles, and with that come certain obligations. One of those obligations is to allow the people who adore and admire you at least a small glimpse into your life. I think that I speak for most when I say that we would be nothing but honored to help you celebrate in the joy and elation that is life… whether it be through a surrogate or your own loins.



If more celebrities would take a note from this week’s Celebrity Role Model, this world would be a much cooler place. This news is a couple of months old, but I felt it worth a mention here on We Got Kidz.

Former Cleveland Brown’s rookie and current free agent Braylon Edwards made a promise six years ago that he held true to. Edwards promised 100 eighth grade students in Cleveland college tuition if they graduated with at least a 2.5 GPA and each provided 15 hours annually of community service. The LA Times reported that 79 of those students met the criteria and have since started their first year of college at institutions all across the country.

Although once considered the “2nd most hated man in Cleveland”, he chose to honor his promise. There’s nothing but good things that can be said about that.

Tune in next week for more celebrities you love… and love to hate.


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