With over 2 million hits on YouTube and numerous video interpretations, you may have seen this hilariously awkward video floating around the web. His name is Raymond Taylor, and he’s a contestant that appeared on Wheel of Fortune somewhere around 1993 or 1994. I absolutely believe that he’s one of the best contestants in Wheel of Fortune’s 36 year history.

Most have been calling Raymond a crackhead, but I’ve found no proof of that. (People are so silly.) I simply believe that he was a high functioning guy with some sort of condition. Maybe it was autism, maybe he had a brain injury… or maybe he actually did have a long standing love affair with crack. Whatever the case may have been, he is charming… in a crackheadish sort of way; and given that you have no clue what he’s going to do or say next, he single-handedly made his moments on Wheel of Fortune the most entertaining to watch. The entire video is a gem… Although it raises the question: How long do you think he actually drove around Chicago in that sports car?

See? Wasn’t Raymond awesome?
Here’s a play-by-play of the best moments:
:41: Raymond walks off the set because he’s ready for the final puzzle round.
:59: He hands the card off to Pat without even looking at him. He’s so smooth.
1:15: “Of course”
1:32: “H”
4:25: Another awesome sightless pass to Pat.
5:57: “Vanna, put those L’s on there!”
6:05: Best solve delivery in Wheel history.
7:45: “P”
8:03: The guesses coming out of this man’s mouth are GENIUS. I especially love “Halo Sauce” and “Mild Sauce”.


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