There are so many captions that I could write for this picture. Any ideas? Let me see some in the comments.

So how was your weekend? Let’s dish. Mine was pretty fantastic. Friday we let the kids trash the living room and wallow in the filth. Saturday we threw blankets out onto the living room floor, ordered a pizza, and had another one of our camp outs. [I’m still pulling cheerios out of my a*s from that one.]
Sunday we all went to a bridal show with a couple of our friends. Taking the twins was an interesting experience to say the least. (It’s a wonder we ever leave the house with those two. They can be so high-maintenance.)

That was the extent of my weekend. Cheesy good fun.

Me going through my Paris Hilton phase circa 2007

My girlfriend reminded me ever so eloquently of how far we’ve come and how different our lives are now.
“Girl just insert me drunk on the floor in that picture of your trashed living room and that was our Friday night five years ago.”
It’s sad, but she’s telling the truth. It’s crazy how your life can take you in so many different directions.  The highlight of my weekends used to be hitting up the newest night club and dancing the night away. Now my highlights include watching my one year old son shake his tush in front of a DJ booth at a bridal expo.
I wouldn’t trade my life now for anything… “The years teach much which the days never knew”… Not sure what in the hell that means, but I feel that it’s apropos. Growing up is pretty cool. I highly recommend it. 😉


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