So Saturday was my first day volunteering with Hands On Atlanta Teamworks. We met at Parklane Elementary School – an inner city school that offers a weekend enrichment program for at risk youth. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t happy about being black for this one. Most of my fellow volunteers are young Caucasian college students who simply want to make a difference. As I drove past dilapidated houses and corners filled with throngs of young black males who seemed to have lost their belts, I couldn’t help but to wonder how my Caucasian counterparts were feeling as they made their way to the school. I know what I was feeling: Relief that I blended in. I’d be the last person that anyone would mess with. (Ignorant I know, but yes, my melanin-impaired friends, we think that way too from time to time.)

I got to the school and signed in. The kids were all separated by grade. I chose third. I wasn’t feeling quite bubbly enough for kindergartners or cool enough for fifth graders, so I figured going third would be my best bet.

There were enough volunteers for each student to have one on one attention, which was awesome. My kid’s name was Jeffery – a shy little guy who I found to be quite sharp and very endearing. Jeffery and I made our way through a science worksheet on tropical rainforests and ended the day by making a demon frog hand puppet out of a paper bag and construction paper – complete with fangs, green spots, and red wings. As he flew his frog around the classroom, I was glad that I could be there to be some sort of influence if for not but a day.

Next weekend my volunteer group will head over to Reclaim It Atlanta – a non-profit organization that repurposes building materials. This one should be interesting. Can we say manual labor? Stay tuned for that.


Saturday evening was the fiancé’s and I date night. We try to do one of these at least once a month, which is something I highly recommend. The plan was to do dinner and a movie. I got dressed up all hot and as sexy as a mother of twins could get. I donned an outfit complete with thigh-high boots and a high “Beyonce-esque” ponytail, which I flung over one shoulder sweetly. I was hot. I came out into the living room after getting ready to where my date awaited. His mouth dropped. Mission accomplished. This is why I love date nights. It’s my opportunity to get cute and make my man remember why he fell in love.

We headed out to Strip – one of our favorite restaurants and the site of one of our first dates. We had great conversation… pertaining mostly to the twins, but what can you do? We’re parents – Still good times. The plan was to head to a movie, but since we were having such good conversation, and I looked so hot, (his words not mine) we decided to do something a little different and do a little bar hopping. No, it doesn’t sound romantic, but don’t judge us. This is what we like to do – The seedier the establishment, the better. (Feel free to use your imagination for that.)

All in all we had a blast. A great weekend had by the We Got Kidz crew. 🙂


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