Being a little brown dot in a sea of beige comes with some unexpected pressure and responsibility. Check out my guest post on Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad where I explain why it’s necessary for me to acknowledge my race in this predominantly Caucasian world of mommy blogging.


[quote] I’m a married, African-American, stay-at-home mommy with two little African-American preschoolers at home.

“Well whoopty-whoo,” I’m sure you’re saying. Well let’s take things just a step further. I happen to be a mommy blogger. I blog about my life, my husband, my crazy twin preschoolers, and just parenthood all around; and in this particular blogging genre, there don’t happen to be very many moms of um… my persuasion.

To put it bluntly: there just aren’t that many black ladies out there gabbing online about family and parenting. Why? Well, that has a sad – yet interesting – answer… [/quote]

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  1. Valrie

    Just happened on your blog by accident following another mom’s blog on house cleaning techniques.
    I too am an African American in the sense I wasn’t born here. I always wonder where are the black mommies on the blog-o-sphere? Good to finally run into one and I’ll start following you. I have two toddlers myself and while I work outside of the home currently, the adventures are still there. I started a baking blog and will start one up about my home soon, maybe I’ll incorporate the crazy life we have with two toddlers.


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