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Cable television – Most of us have watched it for the better part of our lives; and if you didn’t have it in your home growing up, you could always count on a friend to clue you in on the latest happenings. Now most Americans have cable in their homes and make use of it regularly. I have my own personal love affair with cable. It’s occasionally won me a few minutes of peace and quiet when something bright and colorful captures my twin tot’s attention. (Don’t judge. If you’ve ever been a mom of toddlers, you understand.) Cable TV has become an honorary member of my family. It’s been around for decades and has, on many occasions, provided us with a good laugh or a much needed cry.

Cable television (aptly named given those black or white coaxial ‘cable thingies’ used to hook it up) wasn’t invented until around 1948. Back then it was called Community Antenna Television. A nice TV salesman by the name of John Walson decided that he wanted his customers to be able to make the most out of their television purchases; so he took a transmission line, strung it from an antenna that was attached to his store, and attached it to the TVs of some of his customers. The reception was better and his clients loved it. Since then, cable TV continues to be perfected and is an industry that is growing and evolving every day.

Flip through to check out some super interesting facts about cable TV that I’d bet you didn’t know. And be sure to visit our friends at for their latest offer.

Over 70,000 schools subscribe to cable TV. It's often funded by government programs and private donations. (Good to know my tax dollars pay for kids to watch television. Sheesh.)

The largest group of people who watch cable TV are families with children.

Interestingly enough, DIRECTV is the nations leading provider of HD satellites and TV services. My family subscribes, and we love it.

The average age of a typical cable subscriber is mid-forties.

Do you know how cable networks are able to charge for their services? They scramble their networks so that you can't get it for free.
Those tricksters.

Only 1/4 of cable subscribers are college graduates... Direct correlation? Things that make you go hmmm.

More women than men subscribe to cable TV. I find this surprising given that I can never seem to pry the remote out of my husbands hands.



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